Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Idées Fixes


  1. augh somebody make them let us call it wonky, jesus christ

    on one hand it might stifle creativity. on the other hand, if it's handled right, it could create direction and a sense of unity.

    and it would make it a lot easier to find music that i like.

  2. Antagonize the identity of the music and it will continue to grow. And even if the 'wonky' title ultimately fails at sticking, let a new critique form.

  3. Music subgenres definitely seem to be getting more esoteric and stratified but we still feel the need to reference each one with a name. I reckon the predominance of creating categories within categories is endemic in this generation where referencing what you listen to is more important than actually listening. But then again a rose by any other name would smell as sweet, right?

    Also think it's interesting that this French dude has come to be so prolific in London - another example of its creative energy for dance music. The cosmopolitanism mixed with gritty streets (yes I take the 171 home as well - nice Burial post) seems to be the perfect environment for the development of something with almost opposing sounds - the grime of the beats and the colour of the global samples (at least that's how it sounds to me)

  4. WONKY!!!!! Enuff, already. And i think that a big heads up should be given for the true originators of Wonky. Some 15 years ago, or so, it was Wonky Tachno, characterised by the modulated hits and basslines and off time and kiltered shuffles and double time movements within the traditional 4/4 techno realm. Names like Tobias Schmidt, Jamie Liddell(back before he went soul boy) Cristian Vogel, The Ledgendary SUBHEAD(the greatest act ever!)Si Begg and Neil Landstrumm are the names that pioneered this sound.Landstrumm was making dubstep 10 years before it was called so. (special mention must also go to Mick Harris of napalm Death and Scorn, for he too was the original sub bass monster of dubstep, 10-15 years before it was true) Labels like Scandinavia (with the excellent Sugar Experiment Station ep), Sativae,Predicaments, Mosquito etc were the true Heirs of the "sound of now" laying down the twisted blueprint of big subass and loopyness, moving from 4/4 and introducing hip hop and electro beats/grooves into the big tough and nasty realms of techno.
    When i first heard the term Wonky being thrown around a couple of years ago to describe Joker and Flying Lotus etc, I was rather perplexed and a tad dissappointed, for I was expecting the revival of a truely underground phenomenon which went largely unnoticed, cos back then it was all detroit, acid, bad trance and horrible shirts off, sweaty man Bangi'Tekno!!!!

    Another great article, but i feel that these prophets need to be taken into account when talking of things "Wonky".