Thursday, 15 September 2011

Borne into the 90s


  1. incredible article, thank you a lot.
    i just dont quite see why you leave out the rather obivous "Post-R&B" Acts- The Weeknd, and, Hudson Mohawke.
    Dont get me wrong, your blog is for me the most valuable place in the whole web, no irony here.

  2. Hi Sven, thanks very much for reading! Really good point on The Weeknd and HudMo. I was thinking of mentioning The Weeknd in connection with How to Dress Well, actually. I haven't come across the term 'post-R&B', but would consider The Weeknd and HudMo to be contemporary (maybe even 'modern') R&B rather than a retro-flavoured R&B that looks back to the 90s. The other thing was that the focus of the article was North-American underground indie pop, whereas HudMo is in the dance / electronica world, and The Weeknd could plug straight into the mainstream, were it not for the dark tinge. The 90s is creeping back all the time in dance music, for example, but that's a whole nother can of worms.