Monday, 2 June 2014

DYNOOO: These Flaws Are Mine To War With

DYNOOO caught our attention last summer with Mesh N2 Air, with its flux-engineered biospheres populated by brave new creatures. This new free mixtape, These Flaws Are Mine To War With (grab it on Datpiff), I like even more. That air of hi-tech naivety (the mind of an AI) becomes more assertive, more captivating, as the newly evolved material (part plant, part fish, part plastic, part silicon) presses against the geodesic panels, and darkly, calculatingly shows its new visage to the supervisors. Try 'Beyond  M,' 'CR  X' or 'AXs (Ma Benchpress).' And like another comparable recent release, Sentinel's hybrid, it suggests all this without overt conceptuality. These are just some sounds. Sounds in strange and compelling arrangements. The way things sound today.

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