Wednesday, 14 May 2014

pepsi7up: BITTERMAN

The perfect track to kick off an mp3 blog dedicated to online weirdness. The music of pepsi7up is mysterious, superlatively bizarre and full of baffling but undeniable love and beauty. I wrote about him a while back. Checking in on the Soundcloud account recently I noticed a few new tracks had gone up, the first in about a year. Some of them get into the most out-there experimentalism, but 'BITTERMAN' (I can't even begin to think why that name) is easily one of the most charmingly infectious tracks to have gone up since the two versions of 'Over the Rainbow' (now removed, but which I uploaded to YouTube). Like those tracks, 'BITTERMAN' uses a software orchestra and garbled vocaloids - advanced tech - but this time the style is dream indyrock from the late 80s / 90s in a twitching polygon body. As before, it brings you right into a future utopia that's just that much more detailed, more persuasive, more poignant, more otherworldly and more heavenly than anyone else's. The distinction distances and isolates him from so many listeners, but in my book, even with so little material, pepsi7up is the very height of the new online weird.

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