Friday, 16 May 2014

Subaeris: POOLSIDE 女の子

Ohh, I really love White Colours. Consistently interesting and well-crafted releases. Very online-savvy. Great name. Brilliant visual design. The French label is run by Too Much Too Young (né Frédéric) and Rainbows (né Clément), who just find artists they like over the Internet and invite them to release EPs or singles with fantastic covers (here's an interview they did). They've barely had a dud in over two years of under-recognised activity. Even when their tracks take on traditional genres, there's something in the production, or the way it's put together that pulls me in. I could live in a White Colours world.

I particularly liked this recent EP of theirs, Existence by Subaeris. Subaeris turns out to be a really good post-vaporwave beatmaker, strobing those NEW CORPORATE AGE CLOUDS with cybermotor perc and bars of blue ice. Difficult to pick a favourite cos the release remains at a high level and has a nice stylistic coherence, but I'm into the low staccato tones of 'POOLSIDE 女の子.' I think the best coldness manages to find that sonic contrast between the continuous gaseous drones and the sudden, sometimes violent hits of hi-tech. If you like it too, Subaeris has a decent album out on Dream Catalogue and more great stuff on her/his own Bandcamp page so have a look.

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