Sunday, 12 December 2010

Images of Reality and Student Surrealism


  1. "Obviously, this begs the question as to what world, what reality he thought he was living in earlier this year. "


    Also, the best image i've seen yet of the Dayx3 protest is shoved at the bottom of here (dunno who took it, Im afraid)

  2. Yeah I saw that pic, mindblowing. It's the more epic, sublime pictures like that that seem to have been sidelined in favour of more individualised images of violence in the newspapers. Images of thousands of protestors crowded together, with or without police control, are quite probably more frightening to the right-leaning media than a few 'mindless thugs'. In fact, the latter are far more preferable because they seem to have the effect of invalidating the popular opposition. Which there is a lot of.

    My laptop is refusing to let me tweet for some reason, but cheers for the Springsteen footage. Its CCTV camera style is the kicker.