Wednesday, 31 December 2014

stuff I wrote and stuff I liked in 2014

Another pretty busy year for me, writing-about-music-wise. Below is a list of everything, if you're interested. Below that is a list of some releases I particularly enjoyed this year in alphabetical order. If something's not in there, it could well be because I haven't got round to listening yet (sorry). I didn't join in with any of the year-end stuff in print or online magazines this year, not because I disapprove - vaguely because I'm finding it difficult to claim I've listened to enough to make the call, and find it really difficult to compare online underground music with more traditionally distributed underground stuff within single assessments - not to mention the fact that great stuff is increasingly coming in chunks smaller and/or less official than the album. But mostly it was because I was really busy at the time all that stuff was due.

Stuff I wrote

Stuff I Liked

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  1. Hi Adam,

    I just wanted to thank you for all the awesome articles you wrote in 2014. They are really a breath of fresh air and a source of inspiration for me, and I can only encourage you to continue along this path for the year ahead, with the same benevolent curiosity and quality of curating.

    As an small expression of my gratitude, I invite you to listen to a mix a made last month. It includes some tracks – among others – composed by artists I discovered by reading your columns, like kane west, Old Manual, 18+, A. G. Cook, Mikeneko Homeless, Giant Claw, Friendly Sneakrz, as well as other ones you often mentioned, like James Ferraro, Sophie, Geotic, Fatima Al Qadiri, Oneohtrix Point Never and Arca. Here’s the link
    I hope you’ll enjoy it :)

    Thanks again for all your work,
    music criticism definitely need more people like you.


    Ego Time Hotel Guy
    from Paris, France.

  2. Hi - wow, thanks! So kind. Glad you've been feeling the writing, and the encouragement is really getting me fired up for 2015.

    And what a cool mix - so many of my favourites in there, put together so well. I'm particularly pleased to see Old Manual and Friendly Sneakrz in there, as they're lesser known I guess (so good though), and with some of my favourite tracks of theirs. Thanks for posting the link! Very best,


  3. Kyoka! Why this record never got the attention it deserves?

    Excellent writing as always!


  4. You´re great Adam, thanks for the music and the love in your writing!