Monday, 11 August 2014

Dutch E Germ: Nami Nami

Another platinum-plated beat: of all of the releases covered, Dutch E Germ's In.Rak.Dust is one of the most varied, because ensconced within its hard-edged casing are several ethnic musics derived from areas that are currently a focus of Western anxiety. 'Black Sea' might be sampling something like the Ukrainian lira, 'Elephant' is a lurid hologram of China, and this one, 'Nami Nami,' can't be sure where the sample comes from but it appears to be an Arabic lullaby popularised by Tehran-born American singer Azam Ali. Alongside the cybernetic percussion, the whole album has an air of tension and ominousness, as if sounding out potential future conflicts in all their hi-tech sublimity. Yet as this track best exemplifies, there is also a balance of elegance and beauty to it.

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