Monday, 18 August 2014

user703918785 [James Ferraro]: SUKI GIRLZ 18

Ferraro's SUKI GIRLZ is little more than a collection of loops of sketches, or sketches of loops, sounding like offcuts from Cold or NYC, Hell 3:00am. It doesn't get more beats than SUKI GIRLZ really, and the instrumental Ferraro still feels underrated in the shadow of his earlier releases. Yet as ever there's a lot you can read into his sounds, culturally, if you want to. 'SUKI GIRLZ 18' is one of the stranger tracks in the collection, its samples heavy with (beige leather) baggage. I first heard it at sunset while trespassing through this environment, which couldn't have been more appropriate. I wrote this in the platinum piece: 'Its sparkly bell tree blossoming as if unveiling some spectacular luxury product on a slowly rotating pedestal, while android voices provide inscrutable commentary.'

It's one of those tracks that's the perfect union of understanding and not understanding. A hymn-like hush behind a kick drum with a lumpy, breathless quality, like a skipping heartbeat or a faltering, exhausted trudge. It kicks up clouds of gold glitter within which ecstatic voices and whistles curl upwards. And as if to label this image, inscrutable voices are superimposed onto it, not warm but insistent, and calmly, fatalistically logical:

m... m... m... ambi...
m... m... m... ambi...

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  1. I listen to it and it really does sound like offcut from Cold.. I like it. :) I've been searching for this kind of music for days now. I'm trying to find something where I could add the sound of Beat Root so thank you!