Wednesday, 6 August 2014

voltex: firefly

Voltex's dazzling, exploratory tracks are just as unique as tac_'s - again, pseudo-primitive and drawing on vocaloid as a colour among many rather than a centre-stage source of The Vocals, but this time with techy synths alongside. As if composing purely by textural contour rather than harmony, the vocaloid leaps up and down, landing on a different spot each time, like an over-excited whippersnapper. This is part of a framework that seems to echo footwork, but is by no means adopting or conforming to its formulas - footwork approximated by a computer intelligence, or, indeed, a vocaloid. Difficult to pick a best track since they're all different consequences of more or less the same process, but I love that Windows 95 timbre in 'firefly,' from the recent S/T, melting quizzically downwards. 'night scene' is brill too (nice chordal weft), and 'beautyful moon light' and 'blue flower garden' are my favourites from the previous album spring.

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